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Cognitive Health and Long Covid

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Does Long Covid Impact the Brain?

The simple answer is yes.

People across the world were affected by the Coronavirus in the year 2020, but many are still feeling the impacts today. Long COVID refers to the ongoing symptoms experienced by some who contracted the Coronavirus. The impacts of long covid are yet to be understood, but there is evidence to support that the illness can cause neurological problems. These neurological problems can include inflammation of the brain and a change in the brain’s structure.

The coronavirus attacks the nervous system, which causes inflammation and

damage to the nerve cells. The inflammation of the brain can cause difficulties with thinking and memory, while the alteration of the brain’s structure and nerve cells can cause problems with one’s mood and behavior. This can affect concentration, multitasking capabilities, and decision-making. In some cases, long covid can lead to an increased risk of developing dementia, anxiety or depression.

Managing the Negative Impact on the Brain

It is important to monitor any negative changes you may be experiencing and seek the advice of a doctor. Those suffering from the neurological impact of long COVID have found relief with cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps to identify and work through negative brain patterns. Cognitive behavioral therapy provides healthy coping mechanisms and helps to reduce anxiety and depression.

If you notice that you are experiencing some of the long-lasting symptoms associated with covid, Dr. Nicole Murray at New York Neurobehavioral Services can provide you with the power to improve your recovery.

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