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How Can Anxiety Affect Relationships?

Anxiety is a powerful emotion that can take a toll on a person’s well-being and relationships. Those with anxiety often have feelings of insecurity, mistrust, and fear. These feelings can lead a person to become overly suspicious of others or demanding. Some choose to distance themselves from those they are closest to because of their fear. This fear can create tension among partners and make it difficult to build trust and have open communication with others. This often leads to a person feeling alienated and lonely.

Some signs that you are experiencing anxiety in your relationships include:

  • Worrying that those you have relationships with are lying

  • Fearing that those around you like others better

  • Worrying that your partner is cheating

  • Overthinking every interaction (This can include in-person, text, and phone calls)

  • Pushing people away to avoid rejection

  • Avoiding relationships

It is important to learn how to manage one’s anxiety. Without the proper tools to cope, a person may rely on their partner in unhealthy ways, such as expecting them to calm all their worries. A person must be extremely vulnerable and honest when working through their anxiety. Having open conversations and understanding will help to create a safe space in relationships. This can be difficult for some, but luckily, there are many resources available and one does not have to go through it alone.

It can be beneficial to attend therapy for one’s anxiety. Couples therapy may also be beneficial for those who are experiencing anxiety in their relationship(s).


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