Pre & Post Surgical Evaluations

Both presurgical and postsurgical neuropsychological evaluations are essential for planning surgery, to compare cognitive and emotional changes before and after surgery and to guide your ongoing treatment. At New York Neuropsychological Services in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan, Nicole Murray, Psy.D., has extensive experience providing the precise information needed by neurosurgeons to ensure your well-being during surgery and your optimal rehabilitation and training after surgery. 

What is a neuropsychological evaluation?

Neuropsychological evaluations assess your brain function. Through in-depth testing, Dr. Murray determines how well your brain works, as well as which areas of your brain are dysfunctional and how your specific brain function problems affect your behaviors, emotions, and thinking skills. The tests performed during a neuropsychological evaluation assess: -Intelligence -Attention and concentration -Memory and learning -Language and speech -Perception -Sensorimotor functions -Mood, emotions, and personality -Executive function (reasoning, problem-solving, organization) Dr. Murray carefully reviews all the information to determine your cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

What are presurgical and postsurgical neuropsychological evaluations used for?

Neuropsychological evaluations performed before and after brain surgery are essential to help: Compare brain function before and after your surgery Your presurgery neuropsychological evaluation defines your level of cognitive functioning before brain surgery. When Dr. Murray repeats the same tests after surgery, she compares the presurgery and postsurgery results to determine the impact of your surgery. Guide treatment after your surgery The results of your postsurgery evaluation guide your ongoing treatment and rehabilitation after brain surgery. Dr. Murray typically performs evaluations immediately after surgery and at regular intervals in the months and possibly years afterward to monitor cognitive changes and fine-tune your treatment. Precisely plan your surgery Brain surgery is carefully planned to treat the underlying problem while protecting as much brain function as possible. Neuropsychological testing helps identify the damaged areas of the brain, as well as critical functioning in nearby areas. Depending on the type of surgery, your neuropsychological evaluation may be used to determine if surgery is a good option.

When might I need presurgical and postsurgical neuropsychological evaluations?

While neuropsychological evaluations may be performed before and after any type of brain surgery, they’re often recommended for procedures such as: Deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease In addition to evaluating cognitive function before and after your surgery, neuropsychological assessment is used to screen Parkinson’s patients considering deep brain stimulation. Epilepsy surgery A neuropsychological evaluation is often required prior to epilepsy surgery to determine if your thinking skills have been affected by epilepsy and to help your surgical team identify where the seizures originate in your brain. Your presurgery evaluation also assesses your risk for cognitive changes after your surgery. Tumor surgery Neuropsychological testing determines the impact of a brain tumor on your cognition, behavior, and mood, which is vital for developing interventions to retrain your brain after surgery. Bariatric Surgery If you’re considering bariatric surgery, the first step is determining if you meet one of the two body weight criteria.
You must have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or greater, or be more than 100 pounds overweight. Or you can have a BMI of 35-39 if you also have at least one obesity-related health condition, such as:

  • Hypertension
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Heart disease
  • Abnormal blood lipids
If your weight qualifies you for surgery, your bariatric surgeon tells you the additional medical tests and physical examinations you’ll need to complete before you’re approved for surgery. One of the tests you need is a psychological evaluation. If you need presurgical and postsurgical neuropsychological evaluations, call New York Neuropsychological Services or schedule an appointment online.